How does cancellation process works?

Check and see if transaction is not paid yet, if it has been paid, we can’t allow the cancellation request. If not yet paid, we have to know the reason for cancellation, and then we’ll go ahead [...]

What is a cash pick up cancellation?

For Canada and Africa: This occurs when a cash transaction is no longer available to be picked up upon request by sender. You may contact the sender for further information.

What happens when a wrong recipient cashes out funds?

We will notify you that funds have been cashed out by the wrong recipient and advise on the next step if there are any available options.

How does reversal transaction works?

For wallet transaction – request will be sent to the TELCO to help retrieve funds. Always be sure to state the reason for reversal as this is a standard requirement for every reversal.

What is a mobile wallet reversal?

This happens when funds sent into a mobile wallet is returned to the sender. Can be caused by sending it to an incorrect/inactive mobile wallet.