How does cancellation process works?

Check and see if transaction is not paid yet, if it has been paid, we can’t allow the cancellation request. If not yet paid, we have to know the reason for cancellation, and then we’ll go ahead [...]

How can I access Yahwii?

Is there a penalty/fee when I cancel the transaction?

You can cancel transactions anytime and there is NO cancellation fee, however the service fee will not be refunded.

How can I cancel the transaction?

If I am not available to pick up the money, can someone else claim it on my behalf?

For security purposes, the beneficiary is the only authorized person to claim the money. You can call the customer service to change the beneficary’s information.

How do I know that the money is already available for pick up?

As soon as the payment has been made and the transaction has been processed. A notification will be sent to the remitter (sender) via email.

What do I need to bring to claim the money?

How can I claim the money sent to me?

What is the maximum amount which I can send?

What is the minimum amount which I can send?

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