BnB Transfer Corp is a mobile payment business company launched in Toronto, Canada back in 2014. The company launched its Sierra Leone branch in March 2016 and was named BnB Transfer Foreign Exchange LMT under the Central Bank license NO.000FB116


BnB Transfer serves inbound and outbound mobile payment from and to every country in the world. We connect family and friends around the world by providing a convenient and reliable service for life’s essentials and daily needs. Well aware of the numerous challenges awaiting and at the meantime resolved to have a noticeable portion of the market share against the first-comers weight, a team of highly motivated men and women contribute relentlessly to make BnB the most secured and reliable mobile payment company.


Partnerships were signed with well-known local companies and banks (ACTB Bank, Mortgage Bank, Raal Trading’s etc.); World’s famous brands like MoneyGram, RIA, Transfast, to name just a few, were introduced and contributed to significantly raise BnB’s payments volume. We’ve achieved not just a nationwide coverage in terms of pick up locations, but also a worldwide web of offices and partners. We have over 100 pick up locations and partnership with well-known savings and loans institutions in Sierra Leone. Having built a custom tailored KYC supported by reliable and secured platforms and strongly dedicated personnel, BnB Transfert is sparing no efforts to move to the next level.

Global perspective

We at BnB, see today changing world for needs and demands as a basket of opportunities to strengthen its position and come up with state of the art innovations in mobile payment services. The pursuit of a customized service and secured transactions are our most valued commitments for the future.


Country Acting Managing Director

232 78 640302

BNB Sierra Leone Customer service

232 79 077483 / 75 048712
Call Us 24/7: 1-800-983-6442
Address: 31 Wilberforce street, Freetown, Sierra Leone